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Deleting All Posts [10 Sep 2003|05:05pm]
Well guys, I am going to delete all my posts, and also, I am looking for a spare LJ code, i could really use it seriously! I am going to go around asking people and bugging people until i find one.. hehe so be prepared.. Bye
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Random [08 Sep 2003|08:03am]
[ mood | happy ]

Well, its like 8:05 now. Just woke up.. I was suppost to wake up at like 6:30 but i said fuck it i wanted to think of michelle and sleep so now i missed out on some homework but who cares... it was michelle..... anyways school starts at 9:00, so i better get ready.. Everyone: Have A Nice Day!


P.S. Looking For A Spare LiveJournal Code.. Anyone.. Please?? Free Hugs :) hehe

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[03 Sep 2003|10:34pm]
[ mood | excited ]

let me tell you a little story. I used to have friends (mike, nick, cameron, jake, seb, ryan, allen) and things got a bit rough with our friendship, and they totally hate me. And they hated my since about May 20th. Now, i just got this IM, i am not currently sure who it is from those names above, but i do have guess it's hit name "NICK" below is the conversations i had on both my "BlueMarbleFlame" and me "XTheDarkStalkerX" AOL and AOL AIM Screen Names. Kinda long, sorry, don't read if you don't want to..
well i'm out.. laterz

ASktbrdngDog [10:04 PM]: bonjour belle dame
BlueMarbleFlame [10:05 PM]: hello
ASktbrdngDog [10:06 PM]: hello
BlueMarbleFlame [10:06 PM]: who is this
ASktbrdngDog [10:06 PM]: zombie nefus
BlueMarbleFlame [10:06 PM]: niec to meet you jackass
ASktbrdngDog [10:06 PM]: hey thats my middle name
BlueMarbleFlame [10:07 PM]: goodie, goodie
ASktbrdngDog [10:07 PM]: badie badie
BlueMarbleFlame [10:07 PM]: why the fuck you talking to me
ASktbrdngDog [10:07 PM]: because i feel like it
BlueMarbleFlame [10:08 PM]: who the fuck is this
ASktbrdngDog [10:08 PM]: fuck off bye
BlueMarbleFlame [10:09 PM]: you little maggot
ASktbrdngDog [10:09 PM]: haha
ASktbrdngDog [10:09 PM]: atent hut
BlueMarbleFlame [10:10 PM]: you sick mofo
ASktbrdngDog [10:10 PM]: at leats i dont fuck ducks
ASktbrdngDog [10:10 PM]: like u
ASktbrdngDog [10:12 PM]: bring it
BlueMarbleFlame [10:12 PM]: i bet your the kinad guy who would fuck a guy in the ass and not even have the fuckin guts to give him a reacharound
ASktbrdngDog [10:13 PM]: ill give u a reacharound bitch
ASktbrdngDog [10:13 PM]: reach around and beat the shit out of u
BlueMarbleFlame [10:13 PM]: you know, i just realized, your fuckin ugly.. your could be a modern art masterpiece!
BlueMarbleFlame [10:13 PM]: ever think of that?
ASktbrdngDog [10:14 PM]: what was that??
ASktbrdngDog [10:14 PM]: ur ugly
ASktbrdngDog [10:14 PM]: oh i already knew that
ASktbrdngDog [10:14 PM]: hey did u know ur mother is a bum fucker
BlueMarbleFlame [10:14 PM]: i admire your honestly
ASktbrdngDog [10:14 PM]: she fucks ur bum father every night
ASktbrdngDog [10:14 PM]: after he comes home drunk as fuck
ASktbrdngDog [10:15 PM]: ur fucking dad is an alcoholic
BlueMarbleFlame [10:15 PM]: what do we have here now... a fucking comedian
ASktbrdngDog [10:15 PM]: deal with it
BlueMarbleFlame [10:15 PM]: my dad ain't no alcoholic
ASktbrdngDog [10:15 PM]: sure hes not
ASktbrdngDog [10:15 PM]: denial
ASktbrdngDog [10:15 PM]: thats why he gets his ass beat everynight when he comes home drunk
BlueMarbleFlame [10:15 PM]: u probably don't even know me but ya be like that keep talking
ASktbrdngDog [10:15 PM]: bring it pig fucker
BlueMarbleFlame [10:15 PM]: i'll go into ur ISP
ASktbrdngDog [10:16 PM]: ok
ASktbrdngDog [10:16 PM]: do it and i swear ill show up at ur house
ASktbrdngDog [10:16 PM]: i know where u live
ASktbrdngDog [10:16 PM]: and i will beat the living hell out of u
BlueMarbleFlame [10:16 PM]: show up at my house then
ASktbrdngDog [10:16 PM]: so u better have a fucking gun ready
ASktbrdngDog [10:16 PM]: ive been to ur house before
BlueMarbleFlame [10:16 PM]: i don't need no fucking gun
ASktbrdngDog [10:16 PM]: trust me yes u do
ASktbrdngDog [10:17 PM]: christmas tree selling bitch
BlueMarbleFlame [10:17 PM]: hahaha w/e
ASktbrdngDog [10:17 PM]: HAHAHAHAHA
ASktbrdngDog [10:17 PM]: fag
BlueMarbleFlame [10:17 PM]: show up at my house then
BlueMarbleFlame [10:17 PM]: unless your a wimp and gunna bring fucking guys to protect you
ASktbrdngDog [10:18 PM]: no i dont need anybody but ill still bring people anyway cuz they wanna beat ur ass too
BlueMarbleFlame [10:18 PM]: great, bring them on
ASktbrdngDog [10:19 PM]: ok i will
ASktbrdngDog [10:19 PM]: damn ur pathetic
ASktbrdngDog [10:19 PM]: easily offended
ASktbrdngDog [10:19 PM]: threatening to go into peoples shit
ASktbrdngDog [10:19 PM]: thats all u can do u know is hack
ASktbrdngDog [10:19 PM]: because ur a fucking geek
ASktbrdngDog [10:20 PM]: tell me are u going to arroyo now??
BlueMarbleFlame [10:20 PM]: that's not all i know and if i'm a geek then fine i am who the fuck cares
BlueMarbleFlame [10:20 PM]: no i'm going to SLZ
ASktbrdngDog [10:20 PM]: fuck ur screwed
ASktbrdngDog [10:20 PM]: have a nice life dropping out in the 11th grade
BlueMarbleFlame [10:20 PM]: u 2
ASktbrdngDog [10:21 PM]: most people there drop out because its so horrible
ASktbrdngDog [10:21 PM]: i go to arroyo bitch
BlueMarbleFlame [10:21 PM]: very good asshole
ASktbrdngDog [10:21 PM]: its very sad how ur going to amount to nothing
ASktbrdngDog [10:21 PM]: ur so smart too
BlueMarbleFlame [10:22 PM]: and ur SN is 1 fuckin ass gay SN
ASktbrdngDog [10:22 PM]: holy shit ur a riot
ASktbrdngDog [10:22 PM]: thats the best come back i ever heard
ASktbrdngDog [10:22 PM]: queer
BlueMarbleFlame [10:33 PM]: see, i told you, your not even going to show up at my house

XTheDarkStalkerX (10:22:56 PM): how the fuck did you come up with this SN anyways
ASktbrdngDog (10:23:09 PM): well its a long story
ASktbrdngDog (10:23:28 PM): first a raped ur mother while she was on a skateboard
XTheDarkStalkerX (10:23:36 PM): here comes another gay ass queer story
ASktbrdngDog (10:23:44 PM): yes totally
ASktbrdngDog (10:23:58 PM): so who is u
ASktbrdngDog (10:24:15 PM): do u go to slz too??
XTheDarkStalkerX (10:24:27 PM): your so fucking gay dude
ASktbrdngDog (10:24:41 PM): the future of america is looking better and better
ASktbrdngDog (10:24:46 PM): great insults
XTheDarkStalkerX (10:25:00 PM): no shit
XTheDarkStalkerX (10:26:34 PM): u say i'm a geek, shit, look at you
ASktbrdngDog (10:26:44 PM): yes look at me
ASktbrdngDog (10:26:51 PM): im looking
ASktbrdngDog (10:26:54 PM): i like what i see
ASktbrdngDog (10:27:03 PM): damn i could just kiss myself
XTheDarkStalkerX (10:27:23 PM): that's nice, go masturbate in the mirrow instead of to my typing
ASktbrdngDog (10:27:44 PM): try again
ASktbrdngDog (10:27:50 PM): ill give u a free shot
ASktbrdngDog (10:28:09 PM): come on buddy
ASktbrdngDog (10:28:12 PM): u can do it
ASktbrdngDog (10:28:17 PM): insult me
XTheDarkStalkerX (10:28:23 PM): come to my house
XTheDarkStalkerX (10:28:26 PM): i'll be waiting
XTheDarkStalkerX (10:28:32 PM): then u'll get fucked up
ASktbrdngDog (10:28:46 PM): hahaha
ASktbrdngDog (10:28:54 PM): no not better than before but close
ASktbrdngDog (10:29:02 PM): ur getting there
ASktbrdngDog (10:29:10 PM): try again
XTheDarkStalkerX (10:29:19 PM): i'm not doing no fucking insult u fuckin' ball sucker
ASktbrdngDog (10:29:33 PM): still not good enough
ASktbrdngDog (10:29:36 PM): come on
XTheDarkStalkerX (10:29:52 PM): get that through your fucking mind and stop wasting my fucking time with all this bullshit
XTheDarkStalkerX (10:30:08 PM): listen, you old fuck
XTheDarkStalkerX (10:30:16 PM): stop IM'd me with your fuckin bullshit
ASktbrdngDog (10:30:18 PM): listening
ASktbrdngDog (10:30:26 PM): my bullshit
XTheDarkStalkerX (10:30:32 PM): and if your coming to my house, then get the fuck over here
ASktbrdngDog (10:30:34 PM): damn u dont remember shit do ya
XTheDarkStalkerX (10:30:43 PM): otherwise, stop wasting my rucking time
ASktbrdngDog (10:30:49 PM): ill let it slide time
ASktbrdngDog (10:30:54 PM): this*
ASktbrdngDog (10:31:43 PM): u need to think before u speak bret ok then maybe shit like this wont happen
ASktbrdngDog (10:32:04 PM): just remember that
XTheDarkStalkerX (10:32:37 PM): i ain't got ne shit going on in my life so i don't need to think
XTheDarkStalkerX (10:33:35 PM): see, i told you, your not even going to show up at my house
Previous message was not received by ASktbrdngDog because of error (10:33:35 PM): User ASktbrdngDog is not available.


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[01 Sep 2003|12:55am]
[ mood | depressed ]

i rilly have nothing to say, because i'm sure you don't want to hear about all my fucking problems/issues so i'm just going to post 2 things i wrote just a few minutes ago.. Bye

Now As I Bleed Here
Standing In The Water
I Feel All My Problems Disappear
As My Blood Drips In The Water
I Wish Apon The Day I Die
From Then I Will Appear
Behind The Livestock In The Woods
To Haunt Forever Will...

As I Hang Here On This Bridge
As Empty As Can Be
No One Will Every Come For Me
Forever I've Been Hated In Life
Time Comes, For Special Events
This May Be The Best Part In Life
That's Why It's Always At The End..


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[29 Aug 2003|11:35pm]
um today... I did nothing but lay in bed. at 6:00 I went to an A's game.. it was ok. right now i am soo fucking bored.. and so lonely.. i wish someone would call me.. i wish someone would meet me/hang out wit me.. this suxs ass. Well i'm gunna go walk around outside. damn it's like midnight well ya ttyl

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[28 Aug 2003|11:44pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

I Feel... Lonely, like no one cares about me.. No one notice's me.. I'm born in this world for nothing.. I'm just a lonely peice of fuck laying around waiting for someone to kill me.. Don't Ask, it's just how i feel.. and ouch holy fuck! I just rilly bored my finger... Kids, don't play with matches.. Well yup, here i am again, back to my own self.. Suicide attemps.. Well i'm out.. I'm going to stare at my buddie list until someone signs on. Bye Take Care


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A Letter To Me [08 Jul 2003|08:42pm]
[ mood | depressed ]


I hate your voice and I hate your face Exterminate you from the human race Life's a joke and the joke is on you, Hey you, it's true, you suck, fuck you I hope and pray every day I'll get the news that you passed away So take your life and turn it off Goodbye, so long, get lost, fuck off I don't care, motherfucker I don't care I don't care motherfucker Suicide's the only choice for you To see you dead would be a dream come true Slit your wrist and show God who's boss Good bye, so long, get lost, fuck off Why don't you do the whole world a favor Connect your throat to the nearest razor
Or do I need to spell it out for you? Well F.U.C.K. Y.O.U.

A Letter To Me

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I Laugh To Hard! I'm Still Laughing!! [02 Jul 2003|05:14pm]
**SENSORED** 1: what does eating have to do with anything?
**SENSORED**: shut up!
**SENSORED**: lol
**SENSORED**: u always gotta make me feel stupid
**SENSORED** 1: yea, thats my job.. for now..
**SENSORED**: what do u mean "for now?"
**SENSORED**: u suc
**SENSORED**: u didnt have 2 get brett on me
**SENSORED**: he scared me
**SENSORED** 1: lol
**SENSORED** 1: LOL!!!
**SENSORED**: "cuz if she didnt, i wouldve logged in2 ur isp"
**SENSORED**: "found out who u were, and blew up ur front lawn"
**SENSORED** 1: lol
**SENSORED**: then he was like
**SENSORED**: "no screw that"
**SENSORED**: "i wouldve blown off the grill of that escalade"
**SENSORED**: and i was like "nooooooooooo"
**SENSORED** 1: i am laughing so hard right now i have tears in my eyes
**SENSORED**: u suc
**SENSORED**: lol
**SENSORED**: well we got insurance on it ne wayz
**SENSORED**: so i dont think it would matter...
**SENSORED** 1: lol
**SENSORED**: xXxTheDarkSidexX [4:47 PM]: u know, i like the name sally. it sounds alot better
**SENSORED**: xXxTheDarkSidexX [4:47 PM]: sal is just... to plain.. sally is more exciting
**SENSORED**: xXxTheDarkSidexX [4:47 PM]: sally is ur new name for now on
**SENSORED**: lol
**SENSORED**: who else did u tell to call me sally?
**SENSORED** 1: no one
**SENSORED** 1: that is so fuckin hilarious
**SENSORED**: what is?
**SENSORED** 1: that he scared u
**SENSORED**: well wouldnt u be scared if he threatened to blow up ur car?
**SENSORED**: well it wasnt when u didnt noe who i was, it was after
**SENSORED** 1: lol
**SENSORED** 1: o, that brings a tear to my eye.
**SENSORED**: as in from laughing so hard?
**SENSORED**: lol
**SENSORED** 1: lol yea
**SENSORED** 1: it's just... lol
**SENSORED**: just what?
**SENSORED** 1: i cant stop laughing
**SENSORED**: lol
**SENSORED**: fuck u
**SENSORED**: lol
**SENSORED**: its not even that funny
**SENSORED** 1: ::through tears of laughter:: i could imagine u gettin hecka scared
**SENSORED**: lol
**SENSORED** 1: lol
**SENSORED**: i wasnt "hella" scared
**SENSORED**: i was just like
**SENSORED**: i doubt he would do that thing to the lawn though
**SENSORED**: or the escalade
**SENSORED** 1: lol
**SENSORED**: he was just bluffing about that
**SENSORED**: but i noe he would probably hack in2 my ISP
**SENSORED** 1: r u sure?
**SENSORED**: pretty much...
**SENSORED**: lol
**SENSORED**: i hope so
**SENSORED** 1: lol
**SENSORED** 1: h/o
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